For the past year and a half the twin’s room has been in transition. We had gone from a their cute toddler beds and bright, fun decor to twin beds and plain decor. They were so rough at bedtime during that phase that we had to find a solution to protect them from hurting themselves and one another at bedtime. We found these bed tents that zip completely closed so they each had a safe area inside their bed. They are from a company called Privacy Pop-

They could have their toys in their beds to entertain them at bedtime rather than wrestling with one other and slamming into walls, which was the case every night for several weeks. I got tired of rehanging things on the walls every morning. They are rough boys. Here is the “before” room with their bed tents.

We decided to go with a National Park theme for their bedroom because of our family adventures to 20 National parks in the past 2 years. Here are a few before and after pics:


We used the beds we already owned. Justin had purchased them for his home in Pennsylvania before we even met 10 years prior. They are beautiful, sturdy, and perfect for our twins. Not a whole lot they can damage with these bed frames.

We purchased the nightstand, table and chair set from Ikea. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on their furniture since they are so hard on things. These items are perfect for them though!

The rug came from

I purchased the rug based on the size, style, color, and shape for the room. I was looking to match the bedding and the Yosemite canvas We purchased.


The canvas artwork is by Anderson Design Group and they have an entire series for the National Parks.

The Anderson Design Group prints were turned into a series of postcards- one for each of the 59 National Parks in the United States. We purchases a package of these 59 postcards while on one of our trips. I created collages of the parks we have visited so far and the ones we are scheduled to see yet this year.  I put them in frames above the boy’s beds.

I had photos printed from Nations Photo Lab to place on display on their dresser and on the wall above their dresser.

The animal skin for the wall was purchased at Ikea. It reminded me of a black bear skin which went along with the theme (it’s not bear).

The room had been in pretty rough shape, but I steam cleaned the rug. I will share my new handy gadget in an upcoming post. We also upgraded the wall paint to the most durable, scrubable paint from Sherwin Williams. It’s not cheap, but worth the extra cost for my rough boys! Justin and I painted the walls ourselves one night after we tucked the twins into bed in our room on their cots.

We are happy with the results and the twins love their big boy room!