IWe celebrated a lovely Easter for 2018. We started with an Easter egg hunt and celebration with my moms of multiples club. My friend Kathryn hosted this event at her home.  It was a fun time with a bounce house, toy unicorns to ride, lots of good food, too many twins and triplets to count, and our very own chickens to share with friends.  It was sweet seeing all the kids holding and loving on the little chicks.  They are our silkies that we incubated and hatched approximately a month ago The Joy of Hatching Chicks

The Moms who all have twins or triplets- attending the 2018 Easter Egg Hunt.

And all our kids!

Alex and Charlie had an Easter Egg Hunt at their preschool. They were excited for the candy!

The day before Easter I hosted our annual neighborhood brunch and Easter Egg Hunt. It was a great turnout, considering we only have 54 homes in our neighborhood and many people travel to see family the day before Easter. Those who were in town and available came for the fun morning! I have hosted Easter Egg Hunts every year since Brielle was Little, 5 or 6 years now. Here is a blog posting I wrote about how YOU can host your own (with all my tips): How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt

The next morning was Easter Sunday! We celebrated with our own family egg and basket hunt, breakfast and then the 9:00 am Easter service at our home church, Gateway Southlake. I was blessed by the message from Pastor Morris. Here is the link to that service if you want to learn more details about the resurrection day that you likely never knew! The name of the message is “Dominion”.  http://gatewaypeople.com/ministries/life/events/gateway-easter-services/session/2018/03/30/dominion


Easter Sunday 2018