I was feeling convicted that my kids were not getting enough bible teachings in the home. We have bible story books that we read on occasion, we go to church weekly, and the twins go to a Christian preschool two days ago. However, I wanted to incorporate bible teachings into our daily life. Life seems to be flying by so quickly and we make sure our kids eat well, are well equipped academically, but what about their moral teachings and guidance? As parents we work to model good behavior and teach things through our daily activities, but I wanted something more. I found it after scouring Amazon and reading reviews about Children’s devotional books. This book is greared for children ages 3-6 and takes about two minutes to read each day. I do it at the dinner table, since I have a captive audience. The devotionals are by date, so you know where to pick up if you missed a day or two. It is called Devotions for preschoolers. Here is the link-  https://amzn.to/2v68NZX

It has 5 stars on Amazon with almost 600 reviews. That says a lot! Here are some of the reviews from other purchasers:

Each day has a little story about another small child and a life lesson. The life lesson always involves God and how He can help us, teach us, guide us, or how He loves us so much. Those are just a few examples of the topics in the lessons. There is a verse and a prayer that accompanies the lesson each day. I love that my kids are learning about the Bible and we are talking about God daily at the dinner table! This devotional opens the door to many topics about God that we want them to be thinking about such as how God wants us to love others, how kids are instructed to obey their parents, and how kids can turn to God when they feel lonely or weak. These are just  few of the lessons. There are 365 days of lessons in all! One for each day of the year. At $12.72 this is a great investment for the preschool children in your life, whether it is neices, nephews, grandkids, or kids of your own.

Devotional Book for Older Kids

For school aged children, our good friends Phillip and Elizabeth told us about another amazing book that we picked up at Costco! It is bible stories about characters from the Bible. It contains 150 stories in all. It is biblically accurate and entertaining for the kids because it is in comic book format and the characters are very well portrayed and drawn to engage the reader and audience. It is called Bible Force The First Heros of the Bible. It is also avaible on Amazon:


Here are some reviews from Amazon-

This book is fantastic for school age children. I will be headed back to Costco to pick up a few more as gifts. If you can’t find it at Costco, don’t worry, it is still on Amazon for a good price too.