Yesterday we drove to Ennis, TX to see the bluebonnets and take a few photos. Ennis is known for their bluebonnets. In 1997 the Texas legislature named Ennis “the official bluebonnet city of Texas”. They had their bluebonnet festival earlier this month. The blooms were fading this weekend, but we were still able to find more than a few fields in Ennis that were still full of these beautiful flowers. It is a great place to visit during the month of April when the bluebonnets are in full bloom (typically the 2nd and 3rd weekends of April).  This quaint small town has a number of attractions for a special day trip, less than an hour drive from Dallas/Fort Worth. Stop by the visitors center first to discover where the best blooms are happening that particular week. They can also provide you with a turn by turn map of the 40 mile bluebonnet trail (which takes about 1.5 hours to drive).

Here is some information about the bluebonnet trail from their official website:

Here are some of our photos from Ennis yesterday: