My brother Mitchell got married this weekend!! He and his lovely bride Karen were married in Estero, FL on Saturday night. It was a beautiful and touching wedding.

My brother Mitchell and I before the wedding began.

I look forward to sharing more photos when I can finally get them downloaded onto my computer. In the meantime I can share of their newly decorated home, since I took those photos on my phone tonight for easy access to add here on the blog.

They were blessed by gifts for their Home from many who care about them. Family and friends of course, but it was their co-workers at Publix who get a standing ovation from me. They were there to help set up the cake and a fountain to make sure it was absolutely perfect. They went above and beyond the call of duty to Ensure this wedding was perfect. They also did a collection and a large group of the store employees where Karen and Mitchell both work gave them numerous generous gifts including really nice, quality brand, small appliances for their kitchen.

My sister Rachel, as part of her gift to the newlyweds gave them one of her original works of art. It now hangs in their living room above the couch and is stunning in their home!

Today they opening their wedding gifts at Rachel’s Home while our whole family watched. It was a joy to see that they are loved by so many people in their lives. People that I haven’t even met! Such a blessing to see that and know it, by the Generous and thoughtful gifts from so many.

After the gift opening we had another large family meal and then Karen, Mitchell and I headed to their place to unpack their wedding gifts and hang up the new decor.

Here are the before and after photos:

Living Room

Living room before

Living room after


Dining Room

Dining room before

Dining room after




Kitchen before

Kitchen after- you may not see or notice all the new appliances, but they are there and Mitchell and Karen Are excited to start using them right away!






More work was done upstairs as well with curtain and paintings being hung and more, but I ran out of time to snag photos. I wish I could stay a few more days to finish the upstairs as well, but at least I helped them get a jump start on it.

I hope they enjoy their time as newlyweds and that their Home can bring comfort and joy to them during this special and precious time of life. Wishing Mitchell and Karen Wedded Bliss and May God have his hand on their marriage to make it an even stronger and more joyous life together.