Many months back (5 or 6 at least) I started using a new toothpaste. I was impressed with the before and after photos I was seeing from people on Facebook. I have dozens of friends using this product because it works! Everyone should know about this toothpaste because it is a bargain compared to other teeth whitening treatments.

I like sharing with others about products that work well and are affordable. This toothpaste is a steal compared to the teeth whitening treatments I have paid for in the dental office. I also love that kids can use this toothpaste too! Now, I wish I had taken before and after photos of Brielle, because it has worked for her especially well. Some kids have yellow teeth. Brielle was one of those kids. She was brushing everyday, but apparently the Crest and Colgate we were using weren’t doing anything to make her teeth look sparkling white. She has actually noticed the difference herself and says her teeth are now “sparkly clean”. Her teeth are much whiter and so are mine, after using this toothpaste for months. From the testimonials I have read most people see a visable difference in the first month.

Below are some of the before and after photos of real people who have used this toothpaste. These photos were provided by my Facebook friend Lacie Sampson. She is an official distributor of the AP24 whitening toothpaste and she is where I get my supply.

Two of my readers will win this amazing whitening toothpaste! 

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Photos of Lacie’s son’s results:


Below is more detailed information about the AP24 whitening toothpaste including how you can place an order to get whiter teeth for yourself or someone you love.

Here is the link to Lacie’s Facebook group for more information:


Here is the link to order AP24 whitening toothpaste:


(After you click on the link you simply click on “shop” and then type in whitening toothpaste in the search bar and AP24 whitening toothpaste should come up).

Please note: I have not been compensated for this blog article. I am sharing this information because I personally believe it works and will be beneficial to my readers.