I recently purchased a gorgeous pair of earrings from Tracy of Tre Gemma Designs. She had a booth set up on a Saturday at my gym and I was naturally drawn to all the gorgeous items she had displayed. We got to chatting and she informed me that she hand makes all the jewelry! Amazing! This is exactly the kind of local business and woman I want to support. She does beautiful work and others need to know about her business. Her website is http://www.tresgemmadesigns.com.

She has agreed to do a giveaway for the Living Joy Daily readers and is generously giving away two of her gorgeous hand made jewelry pieces.


The first piece that is being given away is the Labradorite Glam Bar Bracelet that retails for $45. It is a stretch bracelet. The second item being given away is The Susan Choker in turquoise. It retails for $55.

These items will be given away to random readers a week from today (using Random.org and announced in the Living Joy Daily Facebook Group). All you have to do to enter is like the TreGemma Facebook page and then comment joined on the Living Joy Daily Facebook group on the posting for this Giveaway.

Here is the TreGemna page to like: https://www.facebook.com/tregemmadesigns/

Tracy’s Bio

As a young girl, I can remember being completely fascinated with my grandmother’s jewelry. No matter how many times I had seen it before, each time was a new experience. I would love when she would let me try on a piece. But more than anything, I loved seeing her dressed up and what pieces she chose for that particular night. I was enamored with how her choices of jewelry changed her whole look.

I have always loved fashion and jewelry. Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed following the trends, but still making my fashion MY OWN. I’ve never just followed a trend without being comfortable with how it makes me feel. I’ve always loved finding pieces that are fashionable, but not too over-the-top trendy…pieces that can be worn with more than one outfit, that can be worn year after year…pieces that stand out, but are also versatile. Who doesn’t like getting their money’s worth?

I began making necklaces every once in a while to be worn and shared with my oldest daughter, Sydney. Soon, I was making jewelry for friends and family as gifts. Tre Gemma grew organically, beginning in a living room and expanding to a business. I create the jewelry while Sydney guides me in all things marketing. 

At Tre Gemma Designs, we strive to be fashionable and trendy while still making pieces that you will want to wear for a long time. We aspire to find and design unique products that enhance every woman’s natural diversity.

“We live in a world saturated by images of what it means to be beautiful . As a mom of two girls, I realize the pressure placed on females to fit a certain mold. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could see beyond the perfect body or the perfect face? If we could empower our girls to find what makes them feel beautiful.? I want everyone to be their own kind of beautiful.”

-Tracy McGarry

“Since I was little, my mom has encouraged me to be myself and to be unashamed of who I am and how I look. Though I struggled with certain insecurities as many young girls do, I grew up knowing that it was okay to be me. I know that jewelry doesn’t make a person beautiful, but I think there is power in expressing your personal style and being unapologetic about it. I hope that Tre Gemma Designs can help encourage more women to feel confident in who they are and how they choose to express it.”

-Sydney Chastain

How to Find Tre Gemma Designs:

Check out her website at:


Tracy does everything out of her house in Colleyville. If you message her through social media, you can go there and shop.

Find her on Instagram: @tregemmadesigns

Find on her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tregemmadesigns/

Below are more photos of her beautiful hand made jewelry. Keep her business in mind when you begin your Christmas shopping this season!