One of the best kept shopping secrets for ladies’ dresses is Ross. It ranks in my top 5 of places to find quality dresses; along with Steinmart, TJMaxx, Saks Off 5th, and Nordstrom Rack. Yes, I am talking about Ross. You are paying for the clothing in this store and not the shopping experience. No women’s lounges in the rest room like you can find at upscale department stores or fitting room attendants at your beck and call to get different sized items for you. However, it doesn’t bother me because I shop for good deals and not atmosphere. Especially when I can save upwards of 70-80% off retail prices. More money saved means more money to spend elsewhere! 

I shopped at Ross last week and picked up three dresses for under $100 (including tax)! They were all $29.99 and under. My favorite find was the green  sheath dress with lace bell sleeves shown below. It is a Nanette Lepore that retails for $139. I paid just $29.99 and that was the regular price at Ross, not on sale or found on a clearance rack. With these kinds of prices, designer dresses can become everyday dresses. It’s not expensive to wear dresses and look beautiful. You just have to shop at the right  stores. I have yoga pants that cost more than all three of these dresses combined! I definitely look better in the dresses from Ross than in the yoga pants and the dresses are a fraction of the price! Ross is amazing for the deals on dresses. With their prices you can dress up every day of the week. 

Know that not all Ross stores are the same. Some carry lots of inventory and others are sparse. Don’t nix shopping at all Ross stores because of one bad store experience. Another tip: Look at clothes in your size racks only. I have begun looking in the wrong size racks and found something I wanted. Only to find out that they didn’t have it in my size. I have come to realize that they do not carry all dresses in all sizes; so stick to looking at your own size racks and you won’t be disappointed. 

Below are the other two dresses I purchased at Ross last week, so you can get an idea of what you may be able to find at your local Ross store.

Again, I paid less than $100 total for all three dresses including tax.