My friend Abigail wrote a book! She may only be 9 years old, but her book is filled with timeless truths that every kid needs to read. It is day one of her book on Amazon and it is tracking at #3 as an Amazon best seller! You can download the Kindle version FREE for the next three days only:

Each download and review can help her reach #1! 

I personally know Abigail and her family. My family has traveled with Abigail and her family on numerous National Park trips. Together our families have visited 17 National Parks together. 

Photo by Elizabeth Perez

We are so proud of Abigail and the book she has published! It is now also available in print on Amazon

About Abigail and “How to be a Super Kid”

“How to Be a Super Kid is an inspiring book that offers tangible ways to help kids (and adults) to develop grit, a positive growth mindset, and healthy habits. This book is written by a kid for any kid who has ever dreamed of becoming a superhero and being the best person they were created to be. From super kid routines to overcoming fears, you can positively impact your own life and others by using your gifts and talents and making small changes to your mindset and daily routines. This book offers simple steps towards making healthy life-long habits that carry on into adulthood.”

The principles of this book include:

1. The importance of establishing a morning routine

2. Discovering and developing innate super kid powers/talents

3. Anti-bullying   

4. Learning to see the world through the right perspective

5. Being the best you can be but not comparing with others

6. Risk taking and the opportunity to learn from failure

7. Taking care of your mind, body and soul

8. Creating stretch goals

9. Overcoming challenges is the path to breakthroughs

10. Investing in others

11. Spreading joy

12. Giving back


“This book is a must-read for every parent and child! Abigail breaks down foundational life principles into simple easy to understand steps that are valuable for both kids and adults. I love the Super Kid creed and the call to action for kids to step up and become the best version of themselves. And the fact that it comes from a 9-year old child allows my children to connect even more deeply with the message.”

Hal Elrod,  International best-selling author, The Miracle Morning

“I love how Abigail breaks down exactly how to be a super kid into 6 bite sized “scoops.” A book written by a kid for kids to understand they are super and the power of affirmations. Love everything about it!”

-Lindsay McCarthy, Co-Author of Miracle Morning for Parents and Families

“How to Be a Super Kid is a delightful and insightful book! Throughout the book, Abigail graciously shares life lessons she is learning by using her talents and gifts to communicate that children can make a difference in the world. Her writing and illustrations reflect her passion project to inspire others to live a purposeful life! This book should be in the hands of every child!”

-Kelly Bradley, Founder, Metroport Meals on Wheels

“Abigail Perez’s book, “How to Be a Super Kid” touched me with both innocence and insight that only a child can share. Her message to be kind and to believe in your own strength is greatly needed at a time when children,teens, and even adults are searching for ways to deal with societal pressures and problems. Abigail’s book gives me hope that the younger generation is truly going to change the world.”

-Sarah K. Mason,  Past chair, Carroll Education Foundation

“How to be a Super Kid” is the perfect book for those children who are struggling to define their place in this world. This book is written by a child who is trying to reach other children on the most basic needs -how to be a good person, how to be a friend, how to show care and kindness. She puts this in terms of being a superhero. This is a must read for young readers as it is a valuable teaching tool.”

-Rebecca McRae Langston, Kids Matter International, Board Member

“Abigail’s super power is the way she channels her compassion into books that inspire kids. She is the perfect example of what happens when a young person discovers her talents and gifts and then uses that super power to help the world shine brighter.”

-Claudia Beeny, PhD, Founder, House of Shine

“From the perspective of an artist what I really love about Abigail’s work is that it is super creative, it’s super on point with the same psychology that I use as a grown-up moving through the world to empower myself and it’s absolutely adorable and enjoyable for a grown-up to read and it will probably be the best book that an adult could read to their child. I give this [book] 17 stars!”

-Brotha James, Pop Artist/Musician

About the Author

Abigail Perez is a 9-year old girl with a big heart and a creative imagination. She lives in Texas with her parents, Philip and Elizabeth and her two younger siblings Cameron and Ellie. Together their family name spells PEACE. She believes superheroes are not fantasy characters because inside each person is a superhero waiting to ignite. As someone who has been personally impacted by bullying at a young age, her mission is to put an end to bullying by being a voice of hope and encouraging others to discover their innate super kid powers. Abigail is very active and involved in her community. She loves playing the piano, the great outdoors, rock climbing, roller blading, acting, jiu-jitsu, and tennis. Her favorite food is avocado toast! When she is not reading or writing a book, you can find her exploring the National Parks with her family and creating ways to support her two favorite foundations: The House of Shine and The Front Row Foundation.



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Get Your Copy Today!

With Christmas just around the corner you should buy this book for the kids in your life. Daughters, sons, grandkids, neices, and nephews will enjoy this book and they will learn some important life lessons too! Find it on Amazon here:

At the book launch- it was a fun event!

Charlie and Abigail at her book launch.

Abigail signing copies of her book for Brielle and Charlie.

Video from the book launch party: