We have a Surrender Cross at our home. It is a beautiful and thoughtful creation made by Jackie Drew and her husband Rick.  We connected recently at the Declare conference, but I was already a customer. I had previously purchased prayer cards from her website. I hadn’t even known that she and her husband lived in the same area as me! I was excited to meet Jackie at the Declare conference and purchase a Surrender Cross and a Daily Joy Journal. With my blog being named “Living Joy Daily” how could I not buy it? I love it! It is a journaling book broken into 7 sections: praise, confession, thanksgiving, scripture, supplication, surrender, and notes. There is great wisdom, guidance, and spiritual out-pouring in this journal. And the rest is for you to fill in! I especially love the weekly prayers section of the book. Very useful! 

I am sharing about Jackie and her business because their website is a wonderful place to get all your meaningful Christmas gifts. Do you have family members that seem to have everything? I bet they don’t have a surrender cross! The nails on the cross are removable, so you can write your prayers and literally nail them to the cross. You can help inspire your family’s prayer life throughout the year with one of these crosses. Check out their website for all of their creative and inspiring gifts. http://www.rad-joy.com

This year think about getting gifts for your family that mean something. I am not getting anything from writing this posting or supporting their business. I genuinely want to support a business that is promoting prayer and relationship with Jesus. Now is the best time to get on their website and check out all of their products, so you can get them ordered for friends and family before Christmas. The surrender crosses are something that whoever you gift them to will be using them and cherishing them for many years, and hopefully decades to come! 

From Jackie, The Founder of Surrender Crosses:

A little over two years ago, my husband, Rick, and I were in a season of unrest.  He was workingat a local oil and gas company, and I was a stay at home mom to our three children. I began to pray that God would open doors widely or shut them loudly.  I wasn’t sure what He wanted us to do, but I knew I wanted to be in His will!

During this time, we were in our Sunday School class one morning and we were brainstorming an idea of what to get a pastor that was leaving our church. Rick remembered that he had some wood in the garage, and he thought he could make a cross out of it.  He decided he could add nails to it, and our pastor could then use the cross to nail his burdens or worries to it.  

After he made this cross, he began to make more like it, and the interest started to grow!  As he created more of these “Surrender™ Crosses,” I also was watching his passion and excitement grow as well!  He was so excited to be doing something with his hands that had purpose.

For months, he continued to work at the oil and gas company and then he would come home and make crosses.  On Tuesday, May 3rd, I called him in the morning and asked him what it would take for him to quit his job and us just work on the crosses full time.  He laughed and said he had just been crunching some numbers to see if it was even possible.  

That evening, Rick came home and I knew something was different.  It turns out that he actually had been let go from his job that afternoon!!!!   When he told me, I laughed (which was not a normal response for me).   God had answered my prayer and closed the door to his old job and opened the door to our new business, RAD JOY.

This past May, we celebrated two years of owning RAD JOY.  It has been a wild faith journey for us as we are learning how to surrender to Christ.  We have a heart for encouraging others in their walk with Christ as well. Our mission is to create beautiful and purpose-filled products that help others radically deepen their faith and joyfully share it with others.

Besides our Surrender™ Crosses, we just launched Daily Joy, our yearly prayer journal that serves as a practical guide for abiding in Christ.  In addition, Rick also handcrafts wooden RAD Boxes that help you organize all your quiet time materials.  We also sell prayer cards for young kids, preteens/teens, adults, and married couples!  You can see more of our story and our products on our website http://www.rad-joy.com


Jackie and Rick are giving away two of their products to two lucky readers. The giveaway will happen in the Living Joy Daily Facebook group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/245329795925427

Go to the Facebook group now for details on how to enter!  Below are the prizes being given away.