I have a friend who is one of Santa’s helpers. She makes the most beautiful personalized letters from Santa. We were able to get a letter from Santa through her last year. I wanted to share so that your family can get one too, if you so desire. You can contact Lesa, Santa’s helper, by calling or texting her at (202) 997-4060. 

These letters are different from others you may have seen on Etsy. They contain more personalized detail and are longer, which requires more time and effort. These are not standard form letters that can be found elsewhere. The top of the letter also has beautiful wording that is hand calligraphed. They are $30 each, which also includes the shipping and handling with tracking. 

We look forward to our letter from Santa. It is another family tradition that is special, sweet, and creates more lovely Christmas memories. What are some of your unique family traditions?