In June we purchased a brand new 2018 Jayco Eagle Fifth

Our family loves to camp. For the most part we camp at State Parks and visit National Parks around the country. We have visited 26 National Parks so far and too many state parks to keep track. We booked our upcoming summer 2019 trip a year in advance. We will be visiting six National Parks in the summer of 2019: Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Badlands. 

Unfortunately a wrench was thrown into our plans when we were in an accident this fall. We were on our way to camp for a weekend in Hill Country (a beautiful area of Texas). It was raining and another vehicle in oncoming traffic began to hydroplane. They spun around, hit the gravel on the side of the road, and then were projected directly into our trailer. They actually hit the front and underside, were dragged sideways and then dislodged and hit the back of the camper as well. It was the damage to the underside of the camper that was the worst. Amazingly they walked away without any visible injuries. We were in our truck, completely unharmed. Thank you God!! Their car and our camper were both totaled. The accident was deemed their fault because they were speeding. It was also raining pretty hard, which didn’t help. The real problem was that they were underinsured. We are still working out everything. I wish it was as simple as saying “they replaced our camper with a new one.” I wish that was how things work. It didn’t. Especially since their insurance was capped at 25k. We are working with our insurance to get things settled. Our insurance (State Farm) has been great. Their insurance company has not been so great. Oh well, life moves forward and we decided we would buy a new camper regardless of the loss we were taking from the accident. We love to camp, make memories, and explore the country.  We weren’t going to let an accident stop us from living our lives and doing what we want to do with our family. 

This week we bought a new fifth wheel. Same model, but the 2019 version. It is the Jayco Eagle 355MBQS. We love it. Of course, we loved our other one too. Which is why we bought the same one. The colors inside are a little different and some cabinets were added in the interior. Other than that, it looks like the same camper. We are very happy. We are thankful nobody was injured in the accident. Also feeling very grateful to have a camper once again. 

Justin took this photo of our new camper- the very first night out camping with it.
The kids decorating a Gingerbread house inside the new camper. 

Below are some photos of the inside, so you can tour our Jayco 355MBQS. 

Jayco Eagle