Hannah, a reader from my blog Facebook group recently mentioned an Elf on the Shelf alternative called the Shepherd’s Treasure. I ordered our family a kit that day and I am so glad we did! Elf on the Shelf is cute, but the Shepherd’s Treasure tells the true story of Christmas. The kit we purchased also came with advent cards that are set out each night for the kids to find along with the Shepherd and Baby Jesus. It also included a card with ideas for each day on how to incorporate the advent theme! This has created a fun and easy way to tell our kids about the true story of Christmas every day. Our Elf is still along for the ride and he shows up wherever the Shepherd is located.

Our three kids get up in the morning and immediately go to search for the Shepherd. They wake up excited and eager to find him and see what he has gotten into overnight. Below is a sample of the suggestions (they provide 25 days worth of ideas for you, along with a shopping list, so you know what you will need for your Shepherd’s activities). 

Our Shepherd also came with a book that we read to the kids when our Shepherd arrived. The book tells about the birth of Jesus and the true story of Christmas. Below is a photo of the kit we purchased. This is also the same kit being given away in my Facebook group this week! It is a $43 value. Go to the group to enter to win this kit. https://m.facebook.com/groups/245329795925427?id=245329795925427&ref=content_filter&_rdr

You can order your own Shepherd’s Treasure kit and they have free 3-5 day shipping on their website right now! It would be great to have for your kids on Christmas morning, to read the story about the the true meaning of Christmas, and for them to have the fun and surprise of the Shepherd and Baby Jesus!  Then you will have the entire kit for every Christmas season for years to come!  I love gifts with meaning and this is a great one for kids. http:// https://www.theshepherdstreasure.com/collections/all