Do you have a family event the weekend after Christmas and you need a gift for seven aunts/uncles and fourteen cousins that won’t break the bank? This DIY gift idea is one that is easy, inexpensive (depending on your frame choice), meaningful, and easy to do yourself. I did this gift for my bible study ladies, my joy group (we make get well baskets for ladies in our community), my book club, and some neighbors. Yes, I made about 40 of these this Christmas season.

I like this gift because it is something I would use in my own home. It is Christmas decor and the nice thing about it is that your friends and family can use it every year and be reminded that you made this gift for them (ok, basically assembled, not made from scratch, but it’s the thought that counts).

I found the printables on Etsy. I purchased several different versions (because I couldn’t decide on just one, so I purchased a few). These printables are very high quality and have meaning because they are scripture written beautifully and made into to a piece of artwork you can print at home. I only had one left on hand to photograph and share here, which you can see below.