Spring is coming. You may not be thinking about your patio area just yet, but maybe you should. Last year when May rolled around we decided to refresh our patio areas. I purchaed new pillows for our seating areas. We also wanted to purchase new area rugs for outside. We headed to Costco and then Sam’s Club for the rugs. Both of these stores were wiped out of outdoor patio rug stock! I wasn’t going to make that mistake again this year! This past week or so the outdoor area rugs went on sale at both Costco and Sam’s Club. In January! You read that right. In fact, all of their patio furniture, cushions, and pillows are on display. If you have any intention of decorating or furnishing a patio area for this spring or summer you should check out Sam’s Club and Costco before everything sells out. You will be kicking yourself when May or June come and almost all of their supplies are gone. The same goes for their patio umbrellas. We purchased several from them and have been very pleased with the quality and price. These items also sell out very early from our experience in past years.

When we moved to Texas we had to furnish three outdoor spaces. That meant three sets of patio furniture. In our personal experience, buying from Costco and Sam’s Club for these patio spaces has been the best experience. They sell quality pieces for really good prices. We had ordered several other pieces from Amazon. Some unfortunately arrived broken. I was also not happy with the quality of some of the items from Amazon, and they were not cheaply priced! I was not pleased with our personal experience in purchasing patio furniture from Amazon (don’t get me wrong I love Amazon and they did work with us on returns and exchanges…it was just more hassle than it was worth). Buying from Costco and Sam’s for these patio areas has been the best experience, hands down. They sell quality pieces for really good prices. Again, if you are thinking about furnishing your patio area for this summer, think ahead and save some money by shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club. (Obviously I am not sponsored by either, since I am promoting both stores ????. We love shopping and are members of both clubs).

This past week I purchased two 8’ by 10’ rugs for two of our outdoor patio spaces. I found that the area rug styles at Sam’s Club best matched my existing decor. Our previous rugs had been purchased at Costco and they were great as well! The prices on the rugs from Sam’s Club were $79 and $99. They are Safavieh brand rugs. I scotch guarded the rugs when we purchased them. This should help us get some additional time, maybe even a few extra years out of wear from them. Scotch Guard is amazing. It’s like a miracle in a bottle. It will help repel liquids and dirt from absorbing into the fabrics. Things come clean much more easily and fare better against stains when Scotch Guard is used. I could blog about Scotch Guard and all of its uses. I probably will!

Below are photos of the rug selection and some of the furniture that is out on display at Sam’s Club already. Sorry, I didn’t take any photos of Costco- but their stuff is great too!

Below are photos of our two new rugs in our patio areas.