I wrote two previous blog postings about family mission statement planning. The first posting provides instructions on how you can develop your own family mission statement: https://livingjoydaily.com/2018/10/09/developing-a-family-mission-statement/

Below is the mission statement our family developed together.

The second article I wrote about mission statement planning describes how you can break down your mission statement into yearly goals. By focusing on specific parts of the mission statement each year, a family is able to be intentional about their activities and actions to put the mission statement into practice every year. Here is the link to the this second article: https://livingjoydaily.com/2018/10/21/family-mission-statement-planning-part-ii/

The third part of mission statement planning is simple. It is putting the statements on display. I hired Lesa to write our mission statement and each year in calligraphy. Lesa, who I wrote about previously, is our contact to get handwritten letters from Santa every year. She does beautiful work! We are so pleased with how our overall mission statement and 2019 statement look framed in our kitchen. If you want to hire Lesa to write yours, she can be contacted by phone at (202) 997-4060