Every time I wear a hat or fascinator someone will ask me where I buy mine. I have several sources and will share them with you. I enjoy sharing my info, especially if I can help others save some money. Hats can be ridiculously priced. I have not, and will not, spend $400 on a hat. I love hats, but I am not insane. Therefore, the price needs to be reasonable in order for me to buy the hat.

My favorite hat place of all time was called “The Hat’s Meow” in Florida. It was a mom and pops operation. The couple was already retired (in their 70’s when I started shopping with them a number of years ago) and then they began this millenary business. The wife made fascinators. They had a huge selection of hats and fascinators of all styles from golf hats to the most outlandish, over the top derby hats. They also imported one of a kind hats and fascinators from Paris. I own several of their Paris selections, which are some of the splurges I own, but still not $400 for a single hat. I used to go to their shop and buy 8-12 hats or fascinators and then mail them back to Texas. They were truly the best hat shop ever. Unfortunately they are no longer in business. I know….not helpful whatsoever in your plight to find the perfect hat. Keep reading.

When they went out of business I had to start casting a wider net in search of fabulous hats and fascinators. I am a little obessessed. Ok, maybe more than a little. I could open a shop with all of the hats and fascinators I own.

Some of my facinators. I hang them on my closet walls using round headband holders.
My stacks of hats, stored on the upper shelves of my closet.

I have more stacks of hats than shown, but you get the idea. I am hat obsessed. I have found a couple a great places to shop for hats where the prices are resonable. I can personally vouch for these places, as I have purchased numerous items from each place.

Berkeley Hat

The first place I recommend is https://berkeleyhat.com

They have stunning Derby style hats, with many priced under $100. I love this store. If they ever want me to wear their hats for free and advertise for them, I am on board! Here is one of the hats I bought from them last year, and I love it! See if you can find it on my closet shelf. It’s like where’s Waldo of hats, lol!

Wearing another hat I purchased from Berkeley Hat.

Chapel Hats

Another place I shop every year for hats is Chapel Hats. They have an actual store location in the Mall of America. I stop there every year after my Glory Gals retreat in Wisconsin. It is the one store I actually go to the Mall of America to shop. They have a website, but there is far more available in their store. However, they still have amazing products online. Here is their website https://www.chapelhats.com/collections/fascinators

Below is a photo of me wearing a pink and black fascinator I purchased from Chapel Hats. If memory serves me correct this one was $39.99 in their store. It makes the outfit. That is the fabulous thing about a fascinator! It can take a lovely, nice outfit to over the top! Now where is my invite to the next Royal Wedding? ????????

Below are a couple of my favorite hats that came from Chapel Hats.

Another source for fabulous fascinators is Amazon. It’s true!! I have ordered many fascinations from Amazon and have been very pleased with the results. Most recently I purchased one for a black tie gala. Below is the link. It is ridiculously low priced. I was very happy with the quality and look. This one came with a clip attached and also a headband. I opted to clip the facinator to the headband, making it very easy to wear, https://amzn.to/2UGHu5

Why a Facsinator Vesus a Hat?

I often get requests from friends to borrow hats. I am always happy to share. What I always recommend is that they try a fascinator versus a hat. Why? Because everyone can look great wearing a fascinator. Hats on the other hand, don’t look good on everyone and are typically dependent on face shape, head size, etc. Fascinators are not full fledged hats. They are essentially headpieces that are either on a clip, head comb, or headband. I like the headband option. This makes it very easy to wear. I have some that came only with a clip and I use a plain headband the same color of the fascinator and clip it onto the headband. Wearing a fascinator on a headband makes looking fancy easy.

Again, for anyone who is looking to buy a fascinator and not invest a small fortune I highly recommend Amazon. They have lots of options via prime with free shipping and free returns. Below is a screen shot from this Amazon link that has lots of Fascinators at $20 and under. Again, they are easy to wear because they come with a headband and a clip sewn onto the fascinator. If you have an upcoming event and need a fancy hat, but don’t know what to get or where to get one, just buy one of these options: https://amzn.to/2UGHu53

Casual Hats

I like to wear casual hats on a regular basis. They are a time saver. If I don’t have time to make my hair look decent I throw on a hat. I am not talking about baseball hats. I am talking about dress hats that add some flair and style to an outfit, yet are casual for everyday use. I purchase mine at Steinmart, DSW shoe store, and Target. Below are photos of hats I purchased from these stores.

Scala Hats

A brand of hats that I know are great quality and highly recommend is Scala. These hats tend to maintain their shape much longer than other hats of the same style and materials. I love their wide brim summer hats. I burn in the sun, so these hats are essential in my summer wardrobe. I own this particular hat in 8 colors: https://amzn.to/2GleYvR

And a real life photo for your amusement, no makeup, unmade bed, and laundry on the bed. It’s real life folks, hence the hat because many days I don’t have time to do my hair.