I have been ordering custom gowns from China for quite a few years. Typically it has been evening gowns. I also had a few cocktail dresses and my wedding gown custom made in China. Why? Because the prices are great, they make the dresses to my exact measurements, and I pick the style that I want made.

I have had really good luck. Everything has fit beautifully, with the exception of my wedding gown and two evening gowns which needed some minor alterations to fit exactly as I wanted. Otherwise, they have all been of beautiful quality and the fit great! I recommend ordering from sites like DH Gate and Light In The Box. That is where I have ordered my custom gowns. All from different sellers each time, as I would browse the gown selections until I found the style I wanted and then I would order from that seller. There are some recommendations that I have when ordering from these sites.

  1. Look at the sellers‘ reviews. I like DH Gate because you can see real reviews and real people sharing photos of them wearing the exact gown you are interested in ordering. I won’t order unless I see “in real life” photos of the dress they are marketing. I want to see how their dress looks like on normal people and I also want to know what customers say about the quality and fit of the dress they ordered.
  2. Use the measurement guidelines provided by the seller. This will ensure that they can make the dress according to your measurements. Use a measuring tape made for sewing… not a tape measure. Each seller has a different chart for how they like measurements taken. Have someone take the measurements for you. Don’t try to take them on your own body, because they won’t be accurate.

I recently custom ordered a dress from China and I was absolutely thrilled with the result!! I wanted the exact dress worn in the movie “The Greatest Showman” by the character Jenny Lind (The opera singer). She had lots of fabulous wardrobe changes throughout the movie, but there one dress I especially loved. I could not find it for sale anywhere online, so I decided to custom order it from someone who specializes in wedding gown and formal evening gowns. Below is the photo of her in the movie and me wearing the dress.

I literally sent the seller a photo of the dress and they made it to match the photo! Amazing!! I told them I would share the finished product on my blog if I liked it (no discount provided). I love the dress and am good on my word! So if you are looking for a custom dress, I have to say that this dress maker can do the job. Their username on DH Gate is always_love. You can also contact the seller via email at: wuzijunabc@sina.com.

What did I pay? $180 total, which included DHL express shipping- got it in 6 days after they finished it. It is literally a custom wedding dress that was made for my body; with full lining, corset body, and they even hand sewed all the flowers to match the dress in the movie!! Phenomenal quality and product for the money. I wore it three times this Fall and will likely wear it several more years, as I did with my Glenda (Wizard of Oz) costume.

Below are photos of me wearing the dress at a Halloween party Justin and I attended. And another photo from my book club Halloween party. I wore it for our neighborhood Halloween party, but failed to take any photos. I was so busy running the event!