I recently went back to visit my brother Justin and his lovely wife Katsuree and their two cute kids. I took another Uhaul trailer with furniture and decor for them. My neighbors had moved out of state and had given them some things. I also redecorated my guest room and gave my brother a set of furniture and decor from that room. I will share my new office/guest room space in another posting. I love redecorating projects!

On this trip to Sugarland we worked on my nephew Kamin’s bedroom. His room turned out great. Perfect for a three year old little boy who loves cars.

They had a lot of boxes left to be unpacked in the garage after the last time I left. They had many home projects in process, so the boxes were the last thing to get done. Once the rooms were painted and new flooring laid, then the boxes could be unpacked. Over a three week period, while working full time, my brother and his wife unpacked a double garage that was packed full of boxes. I was amazed to see the garage floor and was able to walk through the space! We also had more furniture and household items to place in the home from the unpacked boxes. Some of it went into their upstairs playroom space. Below are the photos of that finished area.

Katsuree and I organized the playroom space too. We sorted toys into bins of toys that were alike (i.e blocks in one bin, dolls in another bin, play kitchen toys in another) . We then labeled the bins accordingly. It is an organized play space with every toy having a home.

A kitchen table, chairs, and a buffet table were added to the kitchen area. They worked perfectly in the space. They got a lot of use every day while we were there. Katsuree and Justin had the wall between the kitchen and the living room removed during their renovations. Such a smart move! The big open space is absolutely perfect! You can see photos of this space below. We also added some finishing touches to the living room space too.

The upstairs bathroom was decorated during my visit. It turned out very nice!

A console table was added to the entryway. This piece was something someone was selling in my area and had to get because it was a great deal for a beautiful table. White solid marble top (very heavy) and carved solid wood bottom. It looked great with the painting. Added some lamps from my neighbors and it all came together perfectly!

My visit was productive! Katsuree, Justin, and I work as a good team and get things done quickly together. We had a lovely time and the kids had a great time playing. We even got to celebrate Kamin’s 3rd birthday during our visit! Below are some photos from our visit.

You can see part 1 of the decorating project in their home on this blog posting: https://livingjoydaily.com/2020/06/10/home-renovations-at-my-brothers-new-home/