Easy cleaning projects make me happy. If you are the same, you will appreciate this information.

Grout can make your floors look dirty even after they have been freshly scrubbed. Stained grout makes a floor look awful. When we moved into our home almost 7 years ago we discovered that the grout had never been sealed, so it was permanently stained. Our light almond colored tiles had dark grey grout lines because of the staining. I sealed our grout with a tinted sealant and solved that problem. If your grout hasn’t been sealed at your stains are permanent this may be the solution you need: https://livingjoydaily.com/2015/12/11/the-joy-of-fixing-my-grout-problem-and-saving-1800/

If you have sealed grout and it simply needs a really good cleaning, then I have another solution. This is a quick and easy solution. I did this to our grout a few months back and the results were perfect. This method restored the grout to a like new condition and the work is easy cleaning. Below is a video I made showing how easy it is to clean grout using this method.

This grout cleaning method requires two products. The first is Clorox Clean-Up cleaning spray.

The other product is a spin brush by Rubbermaid. It is called Reveal by Rubbermaid. I purchased this on Amazon, because my friend Elizabeth recommended it. It works beautifully! Here is the link for this cleaning brush on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Of1DJV