We recently redecorated our master bedroom. I had been wanting to do this for several years. We had made do with the furniture that was Justin’s before we got married. It was a solid wood Lexington bedroom set that wasn’t my style. However, since it was quality furniture we used it for our bedroom the last 7 years we have lived here in Texas.

I had been on the lookout on buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook Marketplace for over a year looking at every bedroom set that became available in our area. We shopped Nebraska Furniture Mart and other local furniture stores as well and nothing impressed me. Then a set of furniture came up for sale online while we were on our summer trip to visit the National Parks. It was an Orleans International king bedroom set. We missed that set since we were out of town and I was disappointed. However, several weeks after our return another Orleans International King bedroom set came up for sale about an hour from us. This set is still found on the company’s website and is being built today. We bought the furniture from this couple who were changing their home décor. They only had 1 nightstand, but since they are still making this line we were able to buy another matching nightstand. We purchased a dresser, king poster bed, nightstands, and large armoire for this redecorating project.

This bedroom set from Orleans International is solid Mahogany, hand carved, hand scraped, with marble tops. The detailing is gorgeous. Could we have purchased it brand new ourselves? Yes… but why? I was patient and waited for such a set to go up for sale from someone who needed it gone for one reason or another. I only buy high quality when it comes to furniture like this set that we plan to use for years upon years. Saving money this way then allows me to justify splurging for new bedding, throw pillows, original artwork, and other items to finish off the room. I spent a fraction of what this room would have costed retail because I prefer to buy gently used or “like new” pieces from others. Why spend more when can save big money and still get what you want?

I purchased three original paintings from Facebook marketplace for our bedroom space. They all came beautifully framed and in like new condition. I take my time looking for just the right pieces. It took several months to finish this room, because I had waited to buy some things until i found exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to settle for anything less that what I wanted. Reprints or giclee was not what I wanted. I wanted original paintings that spoke to me. I found them by looking online daily at the new pieces listed in the area on Facebook Marketplace. I love the hunt!

There were several new items in the room purchased. The TV was one. We like to binge watch Netflix and Hulu. It’s something we do after the kids go to bed and we get to lay in bed and watch together. He purchased theatre surround sound to go with the new tv. The speakers are hidden, but they surround us.., including under the bed. It makes the viewing experience enhanced indeed!

I found a sofa on Wayfair that matched the look I was trying to achieve. Then I found an antique coffee table with 2 matched side tables at an estate sale. Added bonus was that it was the final day of the sale so everything was half off! I got these solid wood antique tables for a deal! And they are gorgeous, mint condition! This is why I love estate sales. You may not find this deal at every estate sale, but when you do find one you become hooked on the hunt.

I added new curtains, found on Amazon. They just needed a good steaming to look lovely. It was worth the effort to make them look beautiful and flowing. The photo over the bed was the artsy photo Thaddeus Harden did of me last year. He did a great job!

I found some more antique accent pieces at Estate sales and antique stores. They helped to finish off the look on top of the dressers, night stands, and other tables.

Oh, almost forgot to mention the French style antique cabinet that we placed on the side wall. It makes an excellent accent piece for the room and goes so well with the original French impressionist painting hung above it. I love the details on this piece! It too came from a local couple who were changing the style in their home. This had been in a guest room and she was changing the room to a more modern look. This definitely no longer worked in her space, but it works perfectly in ours! Grateful for this piece that they helped us carry down their marble staircase (it is super duper heavy). They also helped load it into their truck and allowed us to borrow their truck, because it didn’t fit in the back of my Escalade.

We have met some of the nicest people in buying from others through Facebook marketplace locally. We live in an area where there are many good, wonderful, kind, generous, and honest people. It makes the process even more enjoyable! We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all these couples as we purchase their lovely pieces of furniture.

Our bedroom is now a peaceful sanctuary. It is everything I envisioned and even more! It took several months getting it to come together, but it was worth the wait!

Waiting for what you really want is better than compromising and regretting the decision later. Such is true about any life decision…

Below you can see photos of the finished room, along with before photos of the room,. and what it looked like while in progress. It was some work, but well worth the time and energy! It is my new favorite room in the house!

Before Photos

During Photos

After Photos