I often send Easter Cards out each year to my Siblings and Parents. This year instead of buying them, I thought it would be nice for the kids to make cards. They love doing art projects, even the twins do, so this was a great rainy day project for this morning.

card 2 (1)

I had picked up the supplies at Michaels a while back on sale. I purchased a set of cards and envelopes that included 50 blank cards and 50 envelopes. The sale price I ended up paying was under $10 for the set of 50. We used less than 10, so I have plenty for other projects in the future.

card 3 (1)

What really made this project neat was the watercolor crayons. I didn’t even know such thing existed until I saw them while browsing at Michaels one day.


To use them, you have the kids draw with the crayons. After they are finished you give them a paint brush and water and they paint over their work. The crayon turns into watercolors! It is quite simple and neat! I drew the outlines for Brielle’s pictures and then she colored in all the shapes- cross, grass, and sun. Then she did the painting on her own as well. I let the boys each do a card too. They just drew random scribbles. I can’t expect too much as they are just 2 years old. Charlie really got into the painting! His card looks pretty neat. They were all quite proud of their work when they were complete. Of course, their attention span isn’t long, so it was on to something else.

It was cool project to do and I like that both my two year old twins and 4 year old could participate at the same time!

Brielle with her cards