We were blessed to have 4 generations at Easter! Justin’s Dad (Tim) and Justin’s 96 year-old Grandpa on his Mom’s side (Joe) came to visit us for a few days during before and after Easter. It was so good seeing them. I am glad my kids are getting to know their Papa Tim and Great Grand Papa (they know him as Papa Dino). We ate, swam, played, and enjoyed being together. Justin’s Grandpa also taught Justin how to make traditional meatballs and sauce. They worked together in the kitchen for hours and it came out perfect! It was excellent!!

I wish we had gotten pictures of all four generations. That’s ok though, I did manage to get photos of the kids with both Papa Tim and Papa Dino. They turned out great too, since everyone was all smiles!

The kids loved going in the pool with Papa. Even though it was only in the 70’s Justin got the pool warm enough for them to swim. It was a very nice visit with both of them!