I love hats. Anyone that knows me, knows I love hats. The photo below was taken today after church. I wore my navy bucket hat. I have owned this hat for about 10 years. If you take good care of your hats they can last a long time. I use hat stands and I also keep them up on a shelf with plenty of space so that they don’t get smushed or crushed. It is important that hats retain their shape in order to remain in good physical condition for years. I actually wore out my favorite white hat this summer and had to recently throw it out, it was beyond repair. I needed to order a new one so I did some online shopping.

Vince Camuto navy scallop stealth with navy leggings. Hat is First Issue by Liz Claiborne.

It is not easy finding quality and beautiful hats, so lately I have been shopping online to find some hats. Amazon is a great place because when you buy many of their Prime items you can get free shipping and free returns! What a perfect way to shop for hats, as you can return those that don’t work for you.

New York and Company red bell sleeve scuba dress, with black Feline leggings from Costco, and black Deedie Peep toe lace and beaded dress booties. The hat is from Amazon.com (link below).


This is the second hat I ordered. I knew I would like this one, as I already own it in black. Great price for this too! http://amzn.to/2nVxPGm 

This hat is the third one I bought.  http://amzn.to/2n7EGbg I got it to replace my old hat that I had to throw away. This one had a great price as well and I really thought it was even cuter in person. It will go with lots of my Lilly Pulitzer spring and summer daytime dresses. 

If you know of a good place to shop for hats please let me know. I am always in the market for a good hat at a fair price.