My friend Mandy, who I know from high school, recently shared with me a carmel poke cake recipe that is easy and sooooo good! I made it twice this past week. It’s that good! After making it for my Moms of Multiples board meeting and several ladies requested the recipe, I decided I would share it here. That way I can look it up for future use too. Hope you enjoy this recipe. It is an easy crowd pleaser!

Ingredients: one box of chocolate cake mix, one bottle of carmel topping (usually by the ice team toppings), one container of whipped cream, and one package of toffee crumble toppings (Health Bar toffee bits).


1. Bake the cake as per instructions. I selected a chocolate fudge cake mix and it turned out great for this recipe. 

2. Next let it cool for about 15-20 minutes and then use the handle of a round cooking utinsel to poke holes in the cake. Space them out about an inch apart. 

3. After the holes are made I allow it to cool completely (about another 10-15 minutes to wait). Then I pour the entire bottle of Carmel over the top and allow it to soak into the holes. I guide it with a spatual to make sure it doesn’t run into the sides of the pan.

4. Next top with the container of whipped cream. I used the entire container. 

5. Finally, top with the Health bar toffee bits.