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Dr. Magdalena Battles has a PhD in psychology, a master’s degree in professional counseling, and a bachelor of science degree in child psychology. Her post-graduate studies were completed at Harvard. She is a writer and conference speaker who specializes in parenting, child development, family relationships, domestic violence, and sexual assault. She shares her real-life experiences and professional insights on her website Living Joy Daily and on LifeHack.org, where she was named one of their top 10 writers. She and her family enjoy camping in the RV and have visited 26 national parks so far. Magdalena remains involved in her church and local community through Bible studies, book club, cheer coaching, and after-school programs. She and her husband reside in Texas where they are raising their three young children, a dog named Max, and a silkie chicken named Marshmallow. Magdalena is the author of Let Them Play.

5 Fun Facts about Magdalena

  1. She became fascinated with hatching Silkie chickens after seeing a friend do it on social media. She learned how to incubate and brood Silkies through books, websites, and YouTube tutorials. She loves these fluffy butt chickens and thinks every family should have a Silkie chicken as a pet. Magdalena and her family even take their Silkie Marshmallow on their family adventures, including over 5,000 miles this past summer!
  2. She is obsessed with hats and fascinators. She owns over 100 of them. She is secretly hoping that she will someday be invited to a fancy British wedding of any kind. It doesn’t even need to be royalty, any fancy British wedding would suffice. She also owns two Saris in case she is ever invited to an Indian wedding. Fingers crossed!
  3. She grew up in the small town of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Her Dad had the largest Russian language high school program in the entire nation. She speaks very little Russian…teachers pet with a very bad memory of languages. Years of Spanish lessons, two years of French, and three years of Russian and Magdalena is still fluent in English and only English.
  4. She is a trained opera singer. Double majored in psychology and opera performance. Her preference for singing these days is showtunes. Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, and the Sound of Music are her favorites. Her dream would be to play Maria in the Sound of Music. She doesn’t get a lot of song requests these days. Instead she uses her musical background to lead music for The Good News Club at her kids’ school and previously taught preschool music at her twin’s preschool.
  5. Magdalena and her family have visited 32 National Parks. They became so obsessed with their National Park trips that they bought a camper (even though they had never camped as a family previously). They found that they love to glamp and the family does annual trips around the US visiting National Parks each summer. Favorite National Parks so far are Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park.


Headshots by Thaddeus Harden of Southlake, TX.

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Conference Schedule: https://ccsntraining.com/

Email: DrErinMagdalena@hotmail.com

Website: https://livingjoydaily.com

Blurb for “6 Hidden Behaviors That Destroy Families: Strategies for Healthier and More Loving Relationships”

Every Family Has Issues
There is no such thing as a perfect family…or an easy family. We all make mistakes that hurt our family members and we’ve all been hurt by those we love.
6 Hidden Behaviors That Destroy Families by Dr. Magdalena Battles addresses the top conflicts that cause relationships to become strained or broken. These hidden behaviors are:
•    A failure to forgive or apologize
•    Criticism
•    Gossip
•    Deception
•    A lack of inclusion
•    A failure to accept differences
While every family has issues, what really matters is how we deal with them. Are we working in a way that resolves problems? Or are we allowing them to fester and explode?
The healing in your family can begin with you. It often takes just one person to make the changes needed to make relationships more positive. Dr. Battles provides you with practical tips based on research, biblical principles, and her own observations of what has worked in families—including her own. Here are essential tools to restore the damaged relationships in your life.
Families can function in a way where love and support are practiced daily. It is a process, but the result will be happier lives and more fulfilling relationships.

Blurb for “Let Them Play”

Could time on the playground increase your child’s ability to succeed in the world? Could building with LEGO teach them to problem-solve and plan ahead? Could braiding a Barbie’s hair help them with cognitive abilities?

The simple answer is yes! Creativity is slowly dying because of our overstressed and overscheduled lives. But through play—the time that parents sometimes take for granted—children can tap into their imaginations, enhance their social skills, and strengthen their fine motor abilities. 

Play is a child’s way of exploring the world. Teach your child the importance of playtime through creative activities such as:

  • Chalk obstacle course
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Career costume role play
  • Sheet forts
  • Recycling station
  • And 95 more child development activities!

In Let Them Play by Dr. Magdalena Battles, your child will learn how to develop cognitively, physically, emotionally, and socially—all while having a blast! Activities intended for children ages 2-8.