Hillsong United is an incredibly talented group of Christian musicians. They recently came to Dallas and performed in a sold out show at the American Airlines center. This group originated in Sydney, Australia from the Hillsong Church (a mega church there in Australia).

Our friends Phillip and Elizabeth invited us to be guests in their suite at the American Airlines center to see Hillsong United. It was a great evening with a great group of people. We got a grand tour of Elizabeth and Phillip’s new home that they had built. Incredible!!! Every detail in the house is perfect. I am happy for them, even if they did have to move out of our neighborhood. They are only 3 miles away, so it wasn’t that far of a move. After the tour we headed to Brio for a group dinner of 12 people (6 couples). Then it was time for the concert. It was an 8 hour evening for our sitter! Great date night for Justin and I. Thank you again to Philip and Elizabeth for the invitation and organizing the evening!

Phillip and Elizabeth are very good friends of ours and we are so grateful to have good Christian friends. Phillip played piano at our New Year’s Eve Party. They were also the couple who prayed over Charlie and Alex at their baby dedication.  They are role model parents and inspiring in their talents- photography, music, decorating, cooking, and so much more! We are grateful to have such sweet friends who are such fabulous people in life!

Here are some photos from the concert. The music was great, as was the light show. Hillsong is definitely a group I would love to see in person again.

Here is video clip from the show of Joel Houston speaking. He is a wonderful speaker. He speaks from his heart and it truly reflects his deep love for the Lord.

Joel Houston Video Clip

Here are some other videos from the concert that I uploaded to YouTube (too big to upload to the blog content):




If you are going to watch or listen to one song from Hillsong United is should be Oceans. I love this song. I sang on the Praise and Worship team at Fellowship Church in Southlake when we first moved to the Dallas area. I had the privilege of singing this song on stage at this church. It is an incredibly beautiful and moving song. I will be singing at the Glory Gals retreat this spring once again. I selected Oceans as one of the songs that will be sung that weekend. Here is a link to the YouTube video of Hillsong performing this song. The Hillsong vocalist who sings this mega hit is Taya Smith. The video clip I posted below has been viewed more than 55 million times! Only about 1 million of those views are mine. Enjoy!