The kids had Super Hero Day at the preschool this week. My kids love wearing their capes at home, so to be able to wear them to school was extra special. Preschool rocks. They know how to make education fun. I am hoping and praying they love elementary school a much as preschool, especially since Brielle starts Kindergarten in the fall. I am thankful for our preschool, as it is making my kids love learning environments early in life.

My kids don’t hold still much for photos lately, so I thought I would share some video and action photos instead. These were taken before school. They are soooo active!! I don’t know how they have all this energy all day long! They won’t be little forever, so I cherish these moments and capturing their blissful innocence. Childhood is precious and fleeting. I am thankful I can capture these moments.

Super Hero Kids- Video