Thursday was Thanksgiving at the kid’s preschool. Our school does such a great job coordinating this event for the hundreds of families that attend the preschool. Justin and I both were able to attend the event. It was nice sitting down for a meal with our kids at their school in celebration of Thanskgiving. It is a time to remember what we are grateful for. We are certainly grateful for our family, but we are also very thankful for a school where our kids can openly learn about Jesus all day long in their classrooms. The loving teachers and staff, the great curriculum, and the teachings from the Bible are what make us so grateful to be at this preschool. Thank you to everyone who made this meal a success this year. It was an awesome meal and it was wonderful to do it as a family at the kids preschool. We feel blessed to have our children at this precious preschool.

Here are some snapshots below from our school Thanksgiving dinner. I love all of the crafts that they made for this special dinner, such as the placemats and napkin rings.