Tonight was my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) annual game night. We made it interesting by calling it a “Wigs and Bunco” night. We played Bunco and LCR. With over 35 Moms, 2 rounds of Bunco, and a round of LCR we were playing games for 3 solid hours! Thank you Tracie for heading up the games, you are awesome!  It was a lot of fun. Trish, our club co-president was the life of the party! She can put a smile on anyones face. I am glad she is coming to our Christmas MOPS party at my house, because I can guarantee it will not be boring since she will be there.

Lauren hosted the party this evening at her new home. Thank you Lauren! Your home is beautiful and I can’t believe how quickly you moved in and your home looks so settled already! You are amazing! You were the best hostess and the evening was a great reprieve from normal evening kid duties. It’s fun to have these breaks every now and then.

Thank you Ashley and Ginger for the wig idea! Love it!! So much fun! It made our night a little more interesting for sure. I love that these women know how to kick back every now and then and have a good time for a few hours. It was lots of fun and it makes me cherish these ladies even more. I feel blessed to have such sweet, loving, and FUN mommy friends in my life.