Today was teacher appreciation day at our preschool. By the time I got the sign up sheet, everything I would have normally chosen was taken. The choices were very specific this year, as the theme was “Tea Party”. I chose to make the chicken salad in phyllo cups.  I was not looking forward to making two dozen of these from scratch, so I found some major shortcuts! It was much easier to make than I thought!

I simply bought two products: phyllo cups that were already prebaked and ready to serve (found in the refrigerator section) and then the Cape Cod Chicken Salad from Costco. I personally believe this chicken salad is the best in the world! I have been buying it for a number of years and love it.

Here are the products:

Phyllo or Fillo Shells (mini version)

Cape Cod Chicken Salad from Costco

This morning before I took the kids to school I simply filled the cups with the chicken salad. Done!! I will be making these as appetizers in the future, as they are easy, are served cold, and are delicious! They are perfect bite sized servings for tea parties and ladies functions as well.