I am a fan and user of Norwex products. I am not a seller or rep of Norwex in any way. I just wanted to pass along the info about Norwex because it sounded interesting to me when I initially heard about it a few years back. However, I didn’t want to attend a “party” to learn more about it and get a long sales pitch. I finally ordered Norwex when my cousin hosted an online “party” and all I had to do was place an order. No need to actually attend a “party” in person. This is another reason why I enjoy blogging, I can share info on good products, but no pressure since I am not selling anything myself!  I like to help make the lives of others better. Even with something as simple as eliminating chemicals in your daily cleaning rituals.

I have several Norwex products, but hands down, my favorite product is the window cloth. My kitchen table is glass. With three kids ages 5 and under our meal time is always a big mess. The table required lots of scrubbing and chemicals to get it clean. I had to use Windex on it at least 3 times a day. I no longer use Windex on our kitchen table. I use the Norwex glass cloth slightly dampened and it cleans much more quickly than my old methods. I also don’t have the awful Windex steaks. It cleans better and quicker than a regular microfiber cloth and Windex combined. No more chemicals on our kitchen table and cleaning it is easier and faster because of one little Norwex cloth. That’s my personal experience which has made me a fan of Norwex.

This week I am giving away two Norwex packages, thanks to Jennifer Hill, who is a distributor of Norwex. Here is what she says about their products:

“The EnviroCloth AND Window Cloth they really complement each other and are the two cloths used most frequently (you can complete about 90% of your cleaning with these two cloths). The EnviroCloth allows you to clean using just water since the weave of the microfiber picks up the bacteria and particles on the surface. There’s no need for cleaning products, paper towels, wipes, etc. The video linked below is just under 4 minutes and shows how well the EnviroCloth cleans compared to anti-bacterial wipes.”


In order to qualify for the giveaway you need to like Jennifer’s Norwex Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199041093936930/

It has 5 posts highlighting the benefits of Norwex and 5 posts highlighting some of their top products as well as links to the online catalog and Jennifer’s website.

Her website is: http://jenhill.norwex.biz

Once you like her page, then comment “liked” on the Living Joy Daily Facebook page on the posting for this article.

The first prize is the basic package, which is a full sized EnviroCloth and Window Cloth – $33 value. The second prize is a full sized Window Cloth paired with a Travel Sized EnviroCloth ($24 value).  ????

The drawing will be this upcoming Sunday May 7th, 2017.