Brielle participated in her first dance recital this past weekend. I am so happy with the dance studio she attended for the past year. It is EpiCenter for the Arts and it is a Christian studio. They dance for Jesus! They pray, some classes have devotionals, and they talk about how they are dancing for the pleasure, delight, and worship of God. Her class performed to the besutiful Christ inspired song by Kari Jobe, called “Healer”.

The studio was started 4 years ago and it is a thriving studio. I believe it’s because there are so many other parents, like myself, that love having our girls (and some boys) dance for a meaningful purpose. There is no greater meaning than God!

It was joy watching Brielle dance with her class this weekend at their recital. I was able to record their dress rehearsal and here is the video-

I was able to get a few photos at the dress rehearsal and
after the actual performance:

If you live in between Dallas and Fort Worth like I do and you have kids who like to dance, sing, act, or play instruments you need to check out EpiCenter. It is not just a dance studio, as they embrace the arts! Brielle has been asking about music lessons, like guitar or piano, so that may be our next venture at EpiCenter.