We stayed for two nights this weekend at Lake Tawakoni State Park, located just west of Dallas. It was about a 1.5 hour drive from the Southlake, TX area. Well worth the journey, as it was a great, intimate, wooded lake-front Park. We were so pleased with the sandy beach and enclosed swim area for the kids. Our campsite was also private and secluded with plenty of trees, which is nice for us since our kids have zero volume control. This state park is smaller than any others we have stayed at, yet it was absolutely perfect for our weekend getaway. It was full occupancy at the campsites, but it was very quiet and peaceful. The full and lush foliage probably helps create the ambiance and absorb the sounds, which was wonderful! Here is a pic of our campsite.

As I drove around the State Park it looked like almost all of the campsites were heavily wooded like ours, which was wonderful! It did have area cleared for the fire pit, picnic table, and space for the kids to play at our campsite, and all of the others too. It truly was one of the most private camping experiences we have had thus far at a State Park because of all the vegetation between campsites.

This state park has hiking trails, a boat ramp, and a terrific swim area! They also had about 75 campsites on the property.

The best part of this state park was the beach. It was a sandy beach that was very deep and wide, so plenty of space for the kids to spread out and play. They also had shaded picnic areas with tables surrounding the beach area. It was absolutely perfect for our family to spend a full day at the beach and everyone was comfortable and enjoyed the experience.

What made the time even more enjoyable for the kids was the new youth kayak we purchased. It made my kids the most popular kids at the state park this weekend! We let other kids take it out for a ride and we had about 2 dozen kids try it out and enjoy this little kayak. We plan to purchase two more of them, so each of our kids have one the next time we are at a state park location. It was literally so fantatstic that other parents asked me where to buy it and were pulling it up on their phone to order it! The kayak and paddle were purchased on Amazon for $105 and free shipping. People were shocked that it was so reasonable and that their kids could navigate the water on this boat. Here is the link, in you are interested in getting one: http://amzn.to/2humWGB


Charlie, who is only 3.5 years old took to the kayak like it was second nature. He spend literally hours paddling around in the kayak. We had kids that were 8-9 years old who struggled to paddle the kayak this weekend. It was amazing to see our little kid take off like it was something he did every day! He really has a knack for kayaking. I even saw other parents taking photos and videos of him, because it was truly remarkable to see this little kid maneuvering this kayak on his own.

Here is video of Charlie on the Kayak. The first video is when I noticed him doing it on his own. The second was taken about an hour later, and you can clearly see he has paddling skills!

Our kayaks were the hit of the State Park this weekend!