We visited Cuyahoga Valley National Park earlier this week. It is located in Northern Ohio. This National Park does not rank up there with Yosemite or the Rocky Mountains, but I do have to say I am jealous that the people of Cleveland and Akron have a National Park to enjoy so close to their cities. The park is located right between these two cities and is a nature filled land of wonderful beauty! Well worth the visit if you are in that area. 

From the NPS website:

The park offers many miles of biking and walking through nature along the river via the Towpath Trail. This trail was once used to move barges down the river using mules to tow them. This Towpath and river was used for commerce before the railway system came into play. Therefore, this river area was used for commerce transportation from the early to mid 1800’s.  Once the railway system came into the area it was no longer needed for transport and commerce.

We stopped to see some of the locks along the Towpath Trail. The locks were used to raise and lower boats and barges. Photos below.

If you are in the Norhern Ohio area, take the time to visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park for a day. Take a hike on the Towpath. Stop to see lock 29 on the Towpath, as this is the lock that is best preserved. It was constructed in the 1800’s of limestone and is still remarkably intact. My photos of locks 29 and 30 are below.

Other must see places in Cuyahoga Valley National Park include The Ledges (a 2-3 mile loop hike) and Brandywine Falls (a 3/4 mile hike to the falls down a boardwalk and many stairs). See my photos below, as the photos can help you see why these locations are worthy of visiting. They are beautiful highlights of this National Park.

Here are some of the highlights recommended by the Vistor’s Center. Stop into the Visitor’s center for this free map with great info and maps of any other hikes you want to take in the park (free).

The Visitor’s Center

The Locks

Brandywine Falls

The Ledges