The week before Brielle’s 4th Birthday she asked what we were going to do for her Birthday this year. I explained that we did a big party last year, so we wouldn’t be doing one again this year. She knows we don’t do big birthday parties every year. She then asked me sweetly if she could “just have a few friends over for her Birthday”. Of course I had to say yes. This birthday was really, truly planned last minute. We decided on Wednesday January, the 6th, to host the party the party on January 16th. A week and half to plan everything. I had to get invites to her classmates that next day, since they only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I headed to target to get invites on that day we decided to do the party. That way they could go with her to school the next morning. She only wanted to invite the girl classmates since it was a princess party. It was a small party with only a few of her close friends from school and our playdate group. It was certainly a girly party! We made crowns, played princess dress-up, took photos with a castle backdrop and princess photo props, decorated cupcakes, and then broke open the pink castle piñata.



Playing Dress Up- Princess Style and Photos

I set up a display with all the princess dresses we own for the girls to play dress up. Brielle helped me do this the day before the party.

We purchased this simple clothing rack at Walmart, and it was perfect for the job! I also picked up the hanging shelf unit, where Brielle then put out accessories for the girls to use such as crowns, wands, necklaces, flowers, etc. Finally, we had a small table with Princess photo props (such as glasses, crowns, etc) that were made of cardboard and attached to small sticks. I purchased these on Amazon too, as well as the castle backdrop (click on the photos to go to the links):




The Crown Project

Brielle is like most 4 year old girls in that they like to do arts and craft projects. I thought making crowns would be a perfect activity for her party. I asked her and she thought it was a great idea. I purchased the crown making kits on amazon (click on the photo of Twinkle Tiaras to go to link):




Cupcake Decorating and Pinata Too!

The cupcakes were a hit. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? They had fun decorating them. We had spray icing, icing to spread, sprinkles in a variety of colors, and candy heart toppings. The girls had fun with the piñata after cupcakes. Justin had it hanging from our second story balcony, as the weather was not ideal to be outside (especially in Princess dresses). Brielle helped me fill the piñata a few days before the party too. We filled it with candy (of course), stickers, necklaces, bracelets, princess wands, and more. Brielle enjoyed picking out these favors before the party just as much as she enjoyed being a part of the grab fest once it broke open. There was plenty for everyone and they were all such polite girls, no un-princess like behavior at this party.  It was such a nice group of sweet groups.

The Party Favors

The party favors were my favorite part of the party. I like giving gifts. This one was creative too. I thought that since we were taking princess photos at the party it would be neat to send each girl home with a photo frame. I will send photos to each girl (of them at the party all dressed up) when we send the thank you notes to them. I attached a little slip of paper to each wrapped frame that thanked them for coming to the party and said we would be sending photos for them to put in the frame (see below):

Then we put the wrapped frames into these cute memory boxes I found at Michael’s Craft store. I purchased the boxes in two versions. Cinderella was one version (I like the classics) and the other version was Frozen. We then added these sticker puzzles to each box (Brielle helped me pick those out at Michael’s too). All wrapped up in ribbon they were quite charming little favors.


Brielle loves Birthday parties. She is already asking how many days before turns 5 so she can have a party. Next year she can have a bigger party. The ideas are already brewing, although ever year her request is the same….”I want a pink Princess party!”. Thank you to all who came to the party! It was certainly planned last minute, so we appreciate everyone who made the effort to come. It was so nice being with you all yesterday and celebrating Brielle’s birthday.

…Special thank you to our Nanny Taylor for helping out with this last minute party. I asked her to stay after the party too, to watch the kids so I could clean up. She even helped with clean up while watching the kids, and we had the entire party cleaned up in an hour! Thank you Taylor! Justin and I appreciate your help with the kids and all that you do!