My friend Marsha knows how to throw a party. We attended a Birthday party for her twins (Ella and Edison) who turned two and her son (Whit) who turned four. It was a super hero party and it was amazing! Charlie started to cry when it was time to leave, he was having too much fun. Brielle sat for all of about 6 minutes to eat, otherwise she was running around and having lots of super hero fun with the other kids.


When we first walked into the party Marsha invited us to pick out a cape and mask for each of our kids to wear at the party. Talk about an awesome party favor!! Each of mine picked something different: Alex chose Spider-Man, Brielle chose Bat Girl, and Charlie chose Batman. Marsha had racks of these cape and mask combos, so every child had one for the party and to take home…and there were A LOT of kids.

After the kids picked their capes they were ready to play! They got to test out their Spider Man skills and making webs. Such a cute idea! All the kids of all ages loved this.

They also had the giant building blocks and hulk hands so kids could take turns being the hulk and smash the towers and walls the kids made. My boys were really good at smashing things other kids made ????. We will not be getting our twins hulk hands anytime soon.

The decor and theme for the party was evident everywhere you looked. The cake, cookies, and party favors (Pez dispensers, ring pops, and Jelly Bellies) were all super hero themed. Marsha thinks of everything when she throws a party! I love all the details and effort she put into this party. It certainly made it a highly memorable event!

They they also had actual super heroes at the party and a professional photo booth with lots of props. Batman and Wonder Woman were the hit of the party! There were lots of star struck kids, including my twins.

The food and beverages were awesome! Food for adults and kids. They had an adult beverage drink bar too- mimosas and bloody Mary’s.

There was a princess party going on at the Country Club as well. Some of the girls from that party came over to the window to peek in on the super hero party. My son Charlie was very concerned that they were outside and not in our party. I tried to explain to him they were attending another party. It is a small world, as I recognized some of the girls at the window as my friend Holly’s kiddos.

It was a great time! This was a birthday party my kids will remember for a long time to come, as I will too. Creating memories are what parties are all about. Great job Marsha in helping your kids and their friends create wonderful memories today.