When I revamped our playroom recently I made a simple bunting to hang over the windows. It added some bright colors and interest over the windows. I love buntings. I have made them for several friend’s homes in a variety of styles and materials. Here is the one I made most recently for our playroom-

playroom revamp 2 (12)

The great thing about buntings is that they can be made for each season. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, the Fourth of July, and just about any holiday or occasion. I had purchased one for Brielle’s first birthday on Etsy and once I saw how easily it could be made I never paid for someone to make one for me again. It is an easy project! With a sewing machine and no interruptions it can be done in an hour. Because I have three kids, who are always needing something or some attention it took me two hours. I don’t mind though, they can interrupt me anytime…that’s what kids do.

Here is how I made it:

  1. I cut the triangles. I cut one first as a template for the rest to be cut accordingly. My triangles measured 10 inches long on each side and 8 inches across the top.  This was the finished measurement, so I added a half an inch to these when cutting (10.5 inches on each side and 8.5 on top). That gave me approximately quarter inch allowances for each side when sewing. There was a half of an inch sewn behind the ribbon (I actually used blanket binding to make it easier, which I will explain further below). I cut 5 sets of triangles from one fabric and then 4 sets of triangles from another fabric.
    playroom revamp (7)

    One pair of triangles cut for the bunting

    2. I then took all the cut buntings and sewed each pair together inside out. I only sewed the 10 inch sides. The 8 inches across on the top did not need to be sewn, as it is hidden by the ribbon when sewn together. Sewing the pieces together is quite simple. Then I turned the triangles inside right. I used the point from a pair of scissors to push the point of the triangle out and down completely.

3. After all nine of the triangles were sewn together I laid them out in the playroom to determine how far apart they should be spaced. I allowed for 3 inches between each bunting at the top when spacing them apart. Laying them on the floor of the playroom also helped me determine if I needed to make more triangles. I decided I was good with these nine.

playroom revamp (1)

4. Once I decided the spacing it was time to sew the triangles to the ribbon. To make things easy for myself and have it look finished on both sides I used blanket binding. Blanket binding is the same or similar material to ribbon and is used for finishing the edges of blankets. It is finished on both sides with an opening in the middle where you typically insert the blanket and sew. Instead I inserted the bunting triangles. I spaced them apart, so that there was three inches of space between each at the top (by the ribbon). I pinned them into place using stick pins. I measured the ribbon in advance, so that I started pinning at the exact center. I had 5 polka dot triangles and 4 striped triangles. Therefore, a polka dot triangle would go in the dead center of the bunting (and blanket binding). I could always trim both ends if there was too much excess of the blanket binding hanging off each side. Mine was just right. Enough to tie on the curtain rods and have some extra hanging down.

playroom revamp (10)

The blanket binding I purchased came from Hobby Lobby. I ended up only needing one.

5. I sewed the blanket binding all the way down on each side, so that it was finished completely.

playroom revamp 2 (6)

It was as easy project and is a great way to use fun colors and fabrics to add style and fun to a room. I plan to make some for the Holidays this year as well. Happy Sewing!