I cannot say enough wonderful things about Glory Gals and the experience I have had at this retreat for the past 2 years. I am so immensely proud that I can say my dear, long time friend (from Junior High) Molly Lee started this retreat several years ago and just keeps making it better. She is great at coordinating and planning. She also has a beautiful heart dedicated to Jesus. It is the speakers that she brings in that make the retreat life changing, emotionally challenging, and uplifting. God is at work at the Luther Park Campground when Glory Gals is held each year. Each speaker is one that Molly chooses because God has directed and led her to select them to speak. Their stories are some of the most compelling, inspiring, and God driven life stories I have ever heard in my life. I come home at the end of the retreat exhausted, yet my soul feels restored and rejuvenated in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The trinity. At work in these ladies lives and mine as well.

Tauna, Molly, and Destiny were our keynote speakers this year. They were amazing! I can’t express how awesome and life inspiring they were. Honestly, you have to hear them in person to understand the magnitude of their words and what God has done for them. If you are a woman, come to Glory Gals. It is not a huge event. Actually, max capacity is 200. It is held at a beautiful campground on a Lake. It may be a small event in Chetek, WI, but it is so incredible I will keep coming back each year. I am already signed up for next year. https://sites.google.com/site/wiglorygals/

I did two break out sessions and sang for the event this year. I will sing again next year and probably do another break out session. What will I really be going back for next year? God, and the keynote speakers he brings to Molly. God uses people and their stories to show his forgiveness, love, and the redemption he has done in people’s lives. Our God is so good. He heals the broken, picks up the pieces, and makes them a more incredible and beautiful work of art in the end. Destiny is a living, walking, talking example of this healing. God is using her immensely to show how he can take a life from brokeness and put it back together even better. I cannot tell her story. It is hers to tell. But she has suffered more than 1000 humans combined should EVER suffer in a lifetime. She has several blogs you can check out: www.fearlessministry.org and http://ajourneywithdestiny.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-walls-i-have-built.html

The retreat is more than just speakers! It is held at a beautiful campground location in Chetek, the food is sooooo good, there are many prizes given out, a number of the speakers are authors and are there in person to share, and we do game night on Friday night! The ladies are all sweet, kind, and loving.  What made it even more special of a weekend is that my Aunt Sue, Aunt Nancy, and Cousin Laura were there. Laura picked me up at the airport and after we ended on Sunday we did lunch and shopping together in Minneapolis. Thank you Laura, it was so good spending time with you and catching up! I am looking forward to next year already.