This weekend was a hectic one. It is that time of the year, end of the school year. The kids had their end of the year school program. It was very cute. The twins stood on stage and that was it for them. The did not sing a single word nor did they do a single motion to the song that was being sung. Plenty of the other two year olds were performing, but not my twins. I have a feeling that being stage performers will not be their thing. Brielle on the other hand was the exact opposite. She sang so loud you could literally hear her voice at the back of the auditorium. That girl has lungs! She did all the motions and every word of the song. She didn’t smile until she was done though, as she was extremely serious about doing the song and doing it well. Her class sang Hosanna.  She was so cute! At the end, after she finished she smiled bright and then yelled- “My Mommy is here to see me!”. I was sitting in the front row taking video. She was so sweet. Below is a video clip from her performance. The photos of the boys is from them on stage doing absolutely nothing except stand there.



trim.4334F001-A14B-48A1-A6F5-27D2C0DECEFEhttp://Brielle singing Hosanna