We put up our Christmas decorations this weekend. Not all of it, but the major stuff went up this weekend.  I wanted a jump start on things since we have guests in town for Thanksgiving and then lots going on when December rolls in. It was fun putting up the trees. All three kids loved decorating this year and were really into it! They hung the majority of the ornaments on the tree in the family room. They took turns using a step stool, to get the higher limbs decorated. They were like big kids getting it decorated. I was impressed with how much they did and that they did it so enthusiastically! We listened to a Christmas music while decorating. It always sets a good mood. After they went to bed I continued decorating and binge watched Christmas movies with Justin. Although I may have watched a few more than him. It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but that’s ok. It seems like we are blending Thanksgiving and Christmas together more and more each year. I happen to like the meshing together. It just makes Thanksgiving even more festive!


Here are the decorations we got up this weekend.