Amazing ladies (1)

This is my tribe. I have several “tribes” I belong to (Moms of Multiples, Mothers of Preschoolers, and Fit 4 Mom), but my bible study group is the “tribe” that I want to define me. Why?  Because these ladies truly have a love for God and deep desire to study God’s word. Because they love the Lord so much they are some of the kindest, most loving, most compassionate women I know. I have attended a variety of bible studies, but the one I have done this past year is the best, most in depth study of the bible I have ever done. I actually UNDERSTAND the Old Testament stories and history much more clearly. Well, at least through Song of Solomon as that is where we ended this year. The study is called the Amazing Collection. You can find the DVD collection and workbooks available at  It is a three year, in depth study of the bible from start to finish. It involves actually reading the bible and then doing a daily workbook that corresponds with the reading. It’s not rocket science. Just a clear and easy way to read and study the bible over the course of three years. I like that it is spaced out over 3 years, as it gives enough time for each book of the bible to be examined. However, you don’t linger long in any book, as you read it, write about what was read in your workbook, discuss it in group, and then move on to the next book of the bible.

My bible study has been meeting every Thursday morning from 10am until noon since this fall. We will continue this fall with Ecclesiastes. We had the option to pause for the summer, but our group decided to continue meeting throughout the summer and actually review the entire year we had just studied! Talk about commitment and dedication! But to be honest, it doesn’t seem like work. As we studied and examined each and every book of the bible, we are able to discuss and relate the scriptures back to our own lives. We have shared our lives and stories this past year, helping us to better digest the materials we are studying from Genesis to Song of Solomon. It didn’t seem like work. I have enjoyed each and every week with these ladies. They are a blessing to me. We have a total of 15 ladies in the group. I immensely admire and respect these 15 ladies that made it through this first year of this bible study. We are all busy Moms with husbands and plenty of commitments in life. I admire these ladies for their commitment to what is MOST important and that is putting God first. As Christians we say that God is first in our lives, but if we aren’t actively reading God’s words to us (the Bible) and praying to him as often as we talk to our best friend, then how committed are we really being in our actions? Actions speak louder than words. The ladies in my Amazing Collection bible study have shown in their daily and weekly actions that they do put God first and have a deep desire to know God and seek him first.

We had an end of the year celebratory brunch today at my house. It was a wonderful morning of fellowship with my “tribe”. I love each and every one of these ladies! For those that missed today- Maribel, Tonya, and Rachel we missed you ladies very much, but we hope to see you next week as we begin our review sessions!

Here are some photos from our morning together.