Oh the joy of bows! Girls are only little once so get the bow! And little boys cannot be any cuter than while wearing a bow tie.

Brielle has been wearing bows since the day she was born. She turns 7 tomorrow and she still wears bows every day. That may not last forever, but I embrace the fact that she loves bows now.

My friend Reagan makes the best bows! They are the best quality and most beautiful bows we own. I am so impressed with the quality, workmanship, and beauty of her bows I wanted to share with you all and do a giveaway! There are two prize packages being given away. The winners can choose between a hair bow or bow tie and will also get a pair of matching Mommy earrings! Each prize back is valued at over $50.

Below are photos of Brielle and Charlie wearing a Blah Blah bow and bow tie. I love how sturdy the bows and bow ties are made! They are the best quality and gorgeous pieces.

I asked my friend Reagan to share about herself and how she began her home business.

Hello from Blah Blah Bows!

I’m so excited to introduce myself and all my custom bows!

Blah Blah is said no less than a thousand times a day in my house. No I don’t sell/make a thousand bows a day, but each time it’s said I hear the sweetest words in return…. “Moon and back Mama.” From a young age my oldest daughter has said “Blah Blah” in lieu of I love you. I don’t know why or how it started, but it simply stuck and became our special thing.

Making bows for my daughters filled my time and has been a fun hobby, but who knew the Lord would wait six years to reveal His big plans!!
I mostly just made bows and gave them as gifts or occasionally sold them to friends and family. In the Summer of 2018, I received multiple large bow orders that turned my guest bedroom into a bow factory.

Within hours of taking on a job that would put my name out there for everyone to see, I thought “How can I sell bows and not have a name?” After a small (OK, massive) panic session my sweet six year old came to me and simply said “Blah Blah Mama” and it all made sense. She was the reason this hobby started, she was my “why” for this entire journey.

Blah Blah bows aren’t just a mass produced bow. They are hand sewn, custom made, and built to last with love from a stay at home mom of three. Stylish and unique, our bows can be paired with various outfits, come in multiple sizes, can be shipped anywhere and include matching bow ties for dads and sons.

“Blah Blah”,

Reagan Vermilion

Please check out Blah Blah Bows Facebook page and join to see all the fun items!!


Below are some of the bows you can find on the Blah Blah bows Facebook page.

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Easy entry and the winners will be announced in one week.