We are using a summer fun jar for the next few months. I made ours at my last MOPS meeting of the year a couple weeks ago. A few days a week, on the days we don’t have anything scheduled I will let the kids pick a stick from the jar. Each stick has an activity we can do together as a family. Whatever Is written on the stick picked on a particular day will determine the fun activity we will do that day (or the next day if we are planning ahead).

I color coded our sticks. I made pink sticks and blue sticks. The pink sticks are activities we can do around the house. The blue activities are excursions that require us to leave the house. I did this so that I can tell the kids which color to pick on a particular day, depending on what is going on with our schedule, available time, and energy levels.

Brille loves the summer fun jar. I was reading off some of the fun things we get to do this summer and she was most excited about making Popsicles! This from a girl who doesn’t eat much!


Here are some of the ideas below, we actually used about 30 of these. This is a list of 100 so you can make your own sticks with fun jar and choose activities that fit for your family.

  1. Visit the zoo
  2. Go to a museum
  3. Go to a water park
  4. Swim in a lake
  5. Make popsicles
  6. Make a Cake
  7. Create a blanket fort
  8. Play tag
  9. Play with sidewalk chalk
  10. Make giant bubbles
  11. Have a playdate
  12. Meet a friend at the park to play
  13. Have a picnic outside
  14. Have a picnic inside
  15. Have a dance party
  16. Go bike riding
  17. Go on a hike
  18. Fly kites
  19. Have a water balloon fight
  20. Go to a trampoline park
  21. Go to a fair
  22. Have a dance party
  23. Create your own photo shoot
  24. Have a fashion show
  25. Bake cookies
  26. Paint rocks
  27. Collect rocks
  28. Go on a nature hunt
  29. Create and execute a scavenger hunt
  30. Go to a drive in movie theatre
  31. Collect bugs for an afternoon
  32. Facepaint
  33. Go to an outdoor concert
  34. Play charades
  35. Play a board game
  36. Make a scrap book
  37. Go to the library
  38. Go see a live show of any kind
  39. Make sand art
  40. Paint original artwork on canvases
  41. Play with instruments and have a home jam session
  42. Play home Olympics and be sure to have awards
  43. Pick flowers
  44. Go to a nature center
  45. Write your own children’s story book
  46. Make root beer floats
  47. Make sundaes
  48. Do origami
  49. Do a puppet show
  50. Play hopscotch
  51. Make beaded jewelry
  52. Star gaze at night and find the constellations
  53. Go birdwatching
  54. Play volleyball
  55. Visit the local fire station
  56. Go roller skating
  57. Go to the aquarium
  58. Have a lemonade stand
  59. Play in the sprinklers
  60. Set up a slip n slide
  61. Visit a farm
  62. Ride a horse
  63. Have a Bon fire
  64. Roast Marshmallows
  65. Have a tea party
  66. Play dress up
  67. Go to an outdoor sporting event
  68. Make puppets using items around the House
  69. Make a sand castle
  70. Make handmade cards for family or friends
  71. Go to the movies during the day
  72. Play with playdoe
  73. Go to a place to paint your own pottery
  74. Create artwork using things from nature
  75. Make homemade musical instruments
  76. Make family theme shirts using fabric markers
  77. Play tennis or badminton
  78. Play bocce ball
  79. Play frisbee
  80. Use large boxes to color and decorate as a temporary fort
  81. Create Popsicle stick artwork
  82. Go fishing
  83. Write an original song and record it on your phone
  84. Find a friend with a croquet set and host a croquet party
  85. Go to several garage sales in one day
  86. Climb a tree
  87. Create an outdoor movie night in your backyard
  88. Go skydiving (ok just kidding)
  89. Go camping (even if it’s just in your own backyard)
  90. Catch fireflies at night
  91. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck
  92. Eat fresh watermelon
  93. Go to a farmer’s market
  94. Watch a sunset
  95. Watch the sunrise
  96. Play Simon Says
  97. Make tie dye shirts, tank tops, or socks
  98. Plant something
  99. Have a water gun fight
  100. Put together a puzzle

Summer is a great time for everyone to take advantage of the extra time to enjoy one another and enjoy all that life has to offer. Travel may not be an option for everyone out there, but there is plenty to do in your own hometown, city, or your own backyard! Take the time to enjoy your kids this summer and do fun things together.