Once a year our local Fit4Mom franchise hosts “Mini Strides”. Bethany owns the local franchise that holds Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Body Back classes six days a week. My kids go with me to these classes a few times a week (my favorite being Stroller Barre). I get my workout done and my kids get to hang out with other kids at the same time. Afterwards all the kids play together at the playground. The yearly workout for the kids is “Mini Strides”. Little ones bring their baby doll stroller, cart, or push toy of some kind. Brielle was enamoured by the entire workout process and loved her mini strides class! When she woke up that morning she ran downstairs telling me she needed to put on her workout outfit just like me! I love seeing that my enthusiasm for workouts and staying healthy is rubbing off on her in a good way!


It was a 45 minute workout and the kids were sweating and loving it. Alex preferred to run between the workout stations and joining in whenever and wherever he felt like it. Charlie was more interested in stealing other kid’s push toys when they weren’t in use. All in all, the kids had a blast. Brielle wanted to say “thank you Miss Bethany for the awesome workout”! Bethany’s daughter and Brielle had matching workout outfits. It looks like we planned it, but we didn’t. We just have the same taste and we both shop at Target.

Here is a short video clip from the workout: trim.30086E4E-ABDE-4053-9771-C80626991425