We were staying in Westcliff during the Fourth of July, so we celebrated with the town! We went to a pancake breakfast at the old town train depot. It was a fundraiser for something in the town. It was good food! We saw hot air balloons as we were pulling into town for the breakfast. Then we attended their quintessential All-American parade. It was a neat experience! It was a great experience spending the day in the town, it was like going back in time. They had some great shopping too! Below are photos from our Fourth of July in Westcliff.

My favorite part of the trip was the evening of the Fourth of July. Elizabeth captured some incredible photos of the Milky Way that night. Some with us in the photos too, which is not easy, as the photos have to be time lapsed to capture the light of the Milky Way. It was a breath-taking view of the sky from the home we stayed at in Westcliff. It is a memory I will not forget! God has created amazing beauty on the earth and in the heavens.

Here are the Photos by Elizabeth Perez:


We covered about 1800 miles on this adventure. Amazingly the kids did great in the car! We have become professionals at making time in the car fun and enjoyable as a family. I will share those tips in another blog posting.

All in all it was an experience we will remember forever. Thank you Elizabeth and Phillip for planning this once in a lifetime adventure to share with your family!