This morning as I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes my kids ran out to our completely fenced in backyard to jump on the trampoline. This area is within view from the kitchen area, so they often play out there while I work in the kitchen and check on them every few minutes. Typically, I also listen for any commotion,  yelling, or crying, so I can head outside and see what’s going on or break up any squabbles. We even have a camera over the area so I can watch them even more easily and attentively.  Here is a screen shot from this morning.

My kids obviously learned how to unlatch our automatically “locking gate”.  They were super quiet, probably because they knew they would get in big trouble. What they didn’t count on was Alex falling into the pool. Thank God he can swim, even in the deep end!! He came into the house soaked from head to toe because of his early morning fall into the pool. It all happened in the span of just a few minutes. It could have ended up much worse though if he hadn’t known how to swim. I am so thankful for ISR swimming lessons, as all three of my kids learned to float and swim as babies.

I put an additional padlock on the gate that requires a key to open. What truly gives me peace of mind is that all three of my kids can swim, so whether they fall in a body of water, fall into a pool at some else’s home, or they fall into the deep end at a water park I know they have the skills to get themselves out to safety. ISR gave me that peace of mind and I highly recommend it to all parents and grandparents of little ones. There are ISR instructors all over the country. You can go to their website to find one near you:

I previously wrote about our ISR experience previously here: Swimming Lessons that Save Lives

Very sadly, a three-year-old and one-year-old pair of siblings died yesterday in Cape Coral, FL as the result of pool drowning. My prayers are with this family, especially the parents who mourn the loss of their only two children.