Today was my kids’ first day back to preschool for the 2016-2017 school year. All three attend the same Christian preschool, two days a week, from 9am-2pm. I am a stay at home mom, but I think preschool is a wonderful thing for our family. It helps the kids prepare for Kindergarten, or as Brielle calls it “Big Kid school”. Preschool is also a great way for my kids to socialize outside of the confines of ME. They have spent lots of time with friends their own age, but typically it has been play dates with me present or “Mommy and Me” activities. Preschool twice a week helps for them to develop their own sense of independence.

I am excited for my kids beginning another year at their school. I have been thrilled with their school. This is Brielle’s third and final year at the school before she begins Kindergarten. I honestly don’t have a single complaint, criticism, or even suggestions for change in regard to their school. I feel so blessed that they go to a preschool where they are well cared for, loved, and encouraged.

We took photos this morning before they headed off to school. Justin wasn’t home, but they wanted to talk to Daddy, so they buzzed him on our doorbell which rings through to his iPhone and iPad. Gotta love the Ring doorbell! He was able to see them and talk to all of them before I took them to school. They all had a great day and there were no tears from anyone!

Here are the rest of the photos from this morning, after the kids talked to Justin though our doorbell.