Today was the Bible study Christmas brunch and gift exchange at my house. Both the Tuesday and Thursday Bible study groups I help co-lead with Kim and Susan gathered today for this party. I am excited we have added two more leaders to our bible study, as we continue to plan for growth of more groups using the Amazing Collection bible study curriculum. I am so thankful to have Cheree and Lori leading with me on Tuesdays starting in the new year.


The party today was great! Everyone brought way too much fabulous food. The gift exchange was “favorite things”. Everyone brought a wrapped gift and then each person got to chose a gift in order of the number they drew. Gifts could be stolen up to 2 times. There was a lot of gift stealing during this game, as there were so many great gifts! It’s a fun gift game. It was nice celebrating the completion of the Bible study semester with these ladies. Now we are off until the end of January. These ladies have been such a blessing in my life. I am also so thankful for these bible study materials, as I am learning the Bible from start to finish unlike I ever have before. The curriculum comes from Big Dream Ministries: The curriculum is a 6 semester series that studies the Bible book by book from Genesis to Revelations. Our Thursday group has now completed its third semester, so they are half way done! Our Tuesday group just finished their first semester. Great job ladies!