The past few years Justin and I have hosted New Year’s Eve parities at our home. This year was a little more low key, as we just had a few couples from our Couple’s Bible Study group over for a dinner party. Justin did a great job with the steaks. I made a special appetizer and dessert just for this group. I will share the recipes in the next few days on my blog. It was a nice evening with great food, fun games, and precious friends.

I am thankful the ladies won the games, as we had sleeping in the next morning on the line. We won, and I slept in while Justin tended to the kids this morning. We played Heads Up and Catch Phrase. Great, easy, fun group games that I highly recommend for parties. We tried Apples to Apples, another great game, but the guys had very little attention span so we switched to Heads Up, which is faster moving. We celebrated New Years twice, at 11pm (Times Square event on TV) and then of course for our own time zone when midnight came.

I won’t say anything about fireworks, but are they legal within the Southlake, TX city limits? That was up for debate last night. No comment if you heard any near our neighborhood last night.

Fun time! Thank you all for coming to celebrate the passing of 2016 and the incoming of 2017. God is good! I am thankful for 2016 and all the blessings and provisions God has provided us. Praying for a wonderful 2017 no only for my family, but I wish many blessings on all the loved ones in my life.